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                           GENERAL SERVICE



The General Service Agreement (“The Agreement”) is made between the following parties:

                               "The Client"


                            CC Cocktails LTD
                        "The Service Provider"



  1. The Service Provider has the necessary qualifications and experience to provide the service to the clients. The Service Provider  holds the following qualification: SCPLH Level 6. The Contractor is the holder of a Personal License issued by the Local Authority which entitles The Service Provider  to permit the sale of alcohol for consumption on or off the premises under an occasional license. The Contractor is the holder of a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate. The Contractor has the relevant Public Liability Insurance.
  2. The Client is satisfied of same.



In consideration of the matters described above and of the mutual benefits and obligations set forth in this Agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is hereby acknowledged, The Client and The Service Provider  (Individually “The Party” and collectively “The Parties” agree as follows:



  1. The Client hereby engages the Service Provider for the purposes of erecting a champagne tower with drip tray and appropriate table decor if applicable. LED lighting will be provided for Champagne  Towers with an evening service time. 
  2. The date and time of service will be agreed with the Clients at the time of booking.
  3. The client will seek permission from the venue to allow us to provide service. Should a client acquire our services and cancel due to not having permission, a fee will be charged.
  4. The Champagne Tower MUST be filled within 30 minutes of being erected.
  5. The Champagne Tower will not be erected in such a place where there is heavy foot traffic or heavy vibration. Any representative of CC Cocktails LTD reserve the right to dismantle the Champagne Tower if they deem it necessary for the health and safety of all parties. 
  6. Permission must be provided by a representative of CC Cocktails LTD to any persons wishing to pour champagne anywhere within the tower. 
  7. The Service Provider will not provide alcohol unless instructed and agreement has been sought from the venue. 
  8. The Service provider will be responsible for purchase of all necessary items  to enable the successful provision of such service.
  9. The service time is 2 hours in total for a 56 glass tower and 3 hours for larger sizes including waiting time and completion of set up.
  10. All glassware once used, must be placed in a designated area agreed with the Service Provider and, if appropriate any venue in which the Champagne Tower may be. 
  11. The Service Provider will sanitise all glassware after service (if there is access to running water). 
  12. If additional services are required outwith the services described above such as a waiting/table service or serving additional alcohol, this should be discussed before payment is made. The champagne tower is self service. 
  13. Staff will not provide table service once the tower has been filled. Guests will require to present themselves at the champagne tower should they wish to consume a glass from it.
  14. An announcement must be made for glassware to be placed in a designated area for collection following use of the champagne tower. (Especially applicable to wedding parties).
  15. In an event where the tower cannot be taken away same day, a courier will collect the next day, this will apply in instances where we are experiencing high volumes of bookings especially during wedding season. 
  16. The bride and groom will pour the champagne directly into the tower. This takes approximately 15 minutes to fill from top to bottom. 



  1. The Service Provider will charge The Client a total agreed fee. Any additional extras which have been requested by The Client will be detailed in further  receipted invoices. Payment will be by Transfer to the designated account detailed on the invoice.  A booking fee is due on receipt of booking. Without payment of a booking fee, you do not have a confirmed booking. 

  1. Changes can be made to the terms of service up until your full balance is due 28 days prior to service. 

  2. If you make a booking with less than 28 days until service date, a full balance invoice will be issued. 
  3. If you make a booking within a timeframe that exceeds 28 days, payment of a Deposit will be made within 24 hours to;


CC Cocktails LTD 
Revolut Business Banking 
Account number 75932954 
Sort Code 04-29-09

Balance will be payable to the same account 4 weeks (28 days) prior to service date.

Late Payment of any invoice will incur a £25.00 administrative fee unless communicated that a payment extension is required. 



  1. As this is a personal service provided by The Service Provider and tailored to the individual needs and requirements, the following cancellation terms will apply;

         • Cancelling with more than 28 days notice - £50 fee will be incurred. 
         • Cancelling with 27 days notice but not exceeding 14 days - 50% charge will be incurred  
         • Cancelling with 13 days or less notice - 100% of your invoice will be due.

Dates can be rearranged at our discretion with no fee.



  1. A damage deposit of £100 will be required upon booking. This will be returned the next working day following inspection after service. 
  2. Should The Client damage any of The Service providers glassware, accidental or otherwise they shall be agreeable to pay a damage fee. Glassware is charged at £3.25 per glass (cost price). Said £100 deposit will be taken into account when calculating any damage. 



  1. The Clients agree that they will obtain all necessary permissions in writing if we are instructed to provide alcohol for the champagne tower and same will be forwarded to us. 

  2. If you instruct us to provide alcohol and there are restrictions with your venue thus meaning we are unable to provide alcohol, no refund will be provided for alcohol purchased. 



  1. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, The Service Provider may, at The  Service Providers absolute discretion, engage a third party contractor to perform some of all of the obligations contained within this agreement. The Service Provider will be liable for remuneration of the Sub Contractor. For the purposes of indemnification, the Sub Contractor is an agent of  The Service Provider.



Should an Act of God I.e Fire, Flood or Storms prevent us fulfilling our contractual obligations in full, the Clients shall receive a refund of any monies paid at the time within 14 days



  1. This Agreement is governed by Scottish Law.


Any complaints should you have any should be emailed to [email protected]  within 24 hours of service. A full written response will be given within 7 days. 

Any promotional bookings, ie discounted services, are final and non refundable. 

If we arrive at the agreed time to collect equipment following any service and access is impossible, a £40.00 charge will be payable for rearranging collection. 




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